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Assessing the risks of extraneous interruptions to your business is critical to success. As a pharmaceutical or biotech company, you can rely on our consulting services to help you develop and document a Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) and Cleaning Validation (CV) using a process-driven
and practical framework. We’ll work closely with you to take control of your CCS, CV, and Facility Cleaning, using a holistic approach to trend analysis and provide a guideline for achieving operational excellence.

By adopting our approach, you can create a culture of quality, improve staff engagement, ensure GMP compliance, and achieve inspection readiness. Our process starts with challenging your Quality Management System, reviewing governance documents, performing GAP analysis, and evaluating risk to ascertain whether you have control of contamination in your facility.

We’ll then conduct surveys of your operators, managers, and executives to evaluate the culture of quality, staff engagement to quality, and their reasons to care. We’ll work with your executive team toprovide a roadmap for improvement.

Finally, we’ll ensure GMP compliance by getting a commitment from executives to perform regular walkthroughs of the facility, provide SME mentoring and training to operators, and ensure that the workplace business strategy is committed to continuous improvement and inspection readiness.

If you’re interested in how our consulting services can help you with your Contamination Control Strategy, Cleaning Validation, and meeting your GMP Compliance with confidence, contact us today to learn more.

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